Monday, February 11, 2008

Discount Subscription for Students

I picked up a copy of School Library Media Activities Monthly at ALA Midwinter. It is published by Libraries Unlimited. The February issue has some interesting articles on information literacy and collaboration, and lesson plans that key into different subject areas. Could be a useful resource for your field experience and when starting out as a SLMS.

Check out some sample articles on their website. The regular subscription rate is $55 per year, but they offer a discount student subscription at $30 here.


Kristie said...

Ya beat me to it! I was going to bring this magazine up at our next meeting! Oh well, I'm glad everyone has the information--that's the important thing. We'll still have PLENTY to discuss on the 21st.

Renee said...

Great minds think alike! By all means, bring it up at the meeting anyway. (We're the only two who read this blog!) :-)