Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Hi everyone!

Ahh yes, it's been awhile - can I blame it on the hectic-ness of the school year getting into full swing? Hope everyone's classes are going well so far! Please remember, if you have any questions or anything we can help with, feel free to email us!

Anyways, we're working on getting things together for the Oct. meeting. We're hoping to make the focus of this meeting "Professional Development & Certification", and answer some of the questions you all (and us too) had about getting certified, the PD courses, and field work. We're trying to see if Ross Todd, Carol Gordon (our 2 faculty advisers) and someone from Prof. Dev. can stop by to give a little chat. This is all tentative, so as we get confirmation, we'll let you know!

We're looking for a new secretary for RASL as well - the secretary is primarily responsible for recording meeting details - if you are interested or have questions on the position, PLEASE email us! It's a great way to boost your resume!

Also, as discussed, here is a link for the NJASL (New Jersey Association of School Librarians) conference for 2007 - it's Nov 14-16 - they are looking for volunteers, so if you're interested at helping out, please see the following link:

This is a GREAT opportunity to meet a lot of the movers and shakers in NJASL, make some great contacts, and find out some vital information, so take advantage of it if you can!

That's all for now - we'll keep you posted about the meeting details as they unfold to us!

Chrissy George