Monday, September 10, 2007


Hello everyone, and WELCOME to RASL's blogspot page!!!

This blog is being used by the Rutgers Association of School Librarians (RASL) to update students and members of events and issues in the young adult and children's library world - school or public. We'll post information about our meetings, current events that might affect you, stuff in the news and industry, etc.

Note that we've been having some problems with our Rutgers website, so be assured that this site will carry the most current information.

The library and information science field is constantly changing with new issues and technology. and blogs are becoming mainstream and a great way to stay informed. We here in RASL are proud to explore this new vehicle for discussion. While we only have meetings once a month, the blog will be constantly monitored and updated - so please know that you HAVE support throughout your program at Rutgers, online or on campus, and on the job after graduation.

While the officers of RASL are the only ones with the password to the site, we've enabled it so that ANYONE can leave comments - with or without a Blogspot account (which is free, btw, if you'd like to join). We just ask that you please leave your full name at the end of each comment if you sign in anonymously so that we know who is posting.

Have a topic that you'd like some feedback on? Email to us, and we'll post it as an entry - this way you can receive advice, comments, and info from your fellow students!

And, please - don't be shy! We're ALL here to help and support each other!

We're also pleased to have a way to meet and talk with the online students. The Rutgers online program has students from all reaches of the world - some as far as China - and a commute to New Brunswick every month for an in person meeting isn't always easy! So we'd like to give a special welcome to the online students who are reading this - know that while you may not be on campus, the support of a student organization is still at your fingertips!

With all that being said, I'd like to remind you all of basic netiquette - - please visit them at the link above before posting. While this is not a website supported by Rutgers, we all still need to abide by the basic rules of respect and manners.

So grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and start reading and scrolling! Every opinion and thought is a valid one, and we're all friends here - so don't be shy or nervous to post! We're all here to support each other throughout this journey and after graduation!

Thanks for reading,
Chrissy George
Co-Pres of RASL
RASL Officers:
April Bocchino, Co-President:
Chrissy George, Co-President:
Emily Weiss, Secretary
Darren Heiber, Membership & Marketing


Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating this blog!
It's a great idea... :)

Renee Dutta

Rutgers Association of School Librarians said...

Thanks Renee!! You're our first comment!! YAY! :-)

Chrissy George

Anonymous said...

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